Changing The Past For The Better Future

Communication is the only means by which people share their opinions or thoughts. Without any of communication, people would die of frustration! Can you think how hard it will be if you cannot shout or get angry at someone when they mess up? How will you explain yourself? Communication plays an important role in human life. In this fast world, mode of communication also matters for business cards Sydney CBD with high-end printed materials.

Methods of communication

Nowadays, you text or message the person, even when you are in the same room. But, in olden days, when lovers are in the same room, they could not talk but they will love each other and understand each other that they will be able to understand what the other person wants or wishes to tell just by seeing their eyes.

Doves and horseman

Long distant relationships lasted by sending pigeons with small letters tied to its legs. Pigeons were their postman. But, some important messages or royal messages were sent with horseman but both this method was found to be unreliable and took too long. When it was really long places, it nearly took too much time and there are many chances for the royal message carrying horseman to be ambush and pigeon to be killed by hunters.

Telegrams were fasted means to send messages but it was expensive and it was used only for important messages. But, in modern world, telegrams came to an end.

Telephones and their kid’s mobiles

At first telephones were not too popular and there would not be more telephones in a village. You will find just one or two telephone for the entire village. But then there were rapidly spread out the country and they were one in almost every house. But, telephones were not handy and you cannot take them to all places. That is how mobiles came into the world and they were rapidly modernized. Nowadays, everyone have a mobile and telephones are not used much.

Letters and the pen pals

Letters were like the long phone calls to your best friend. People share everything with the other person through letters. When you mistakenly write letters to someone else and you both become friends, they are called pen pals. They could have never met each other but they will become friends. But as much as fun as letters are, if your letters get into the hands of wrong person, you are good as dead. In those days, letters were even used as evidence in courts and an object of blackmail. Pen pals are like the strangers you met in internet, they might be good or bad, you will not know. It might be even someone you know who is playing a trick on you. Though letters are not as prominent as the olden days, people still make use of letters. Even the envelopes, you send your letters in are modernized from the olden days. Now, you can buy one of these envelope printers, and make your own fancy envelopes.

Modern world’s chief mode of communication

In the modern world, you have everything within your reach. Computers, laptops, televisions, cell phones connect people together. Screenshots are the new world’s evidence and phone call recordings, Facebook status can be used to frame people. May be, this is why feelings are not as deep as it was in olden days. In olden days, there was a longing, a wait before your wish was fulfilled but in this world everything is easy therefore; there is no longer place for deep feelings. This does not mean our modernization is bad, but it makes us forget what we are actually supposed to be doing. There are no more ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ in the world. It is only me, myself, you and yourselves; you hear. If the seed forgets the mother tree, the mother tree is not at lost, but the seed is.