DIY Carpet Cleaning For Dummies

As you go about your daily life, you will slowly begin to realize that cleaning up those unsightly spots on your carpet whenever you see them isn’t the only way in which you can keep your carpets clean. If you only do this and neglect all other forms of cleaning, you are going to see one day that your mat is actually a few shades darker than it is supposed to be. Another scenario might be that you do clean up a spot and discover that the spot that you cleaned is actually lighter than the rest of the carpeting. Well, you don’t have to panic if you have this problem in your home. There are plenty of ways you can clean your carpets without having to call in the professionals and spend a tidy sum of money getting your carpets to look brand new again.
What You Need To DoIf you want to clean your carpet flooring on your own, you are going to need salt, borax and white vinegar. You will also need a good vacuum and a carpet steamer. This is something you can get for a relatively low price. It is probably a bit of equipment you already have in your home anyway. First off, you need to start by doing your usual spot cleaning. Get rid of the newer stains and spots that are on the carpeting caused by spills and other factors. After this, the actual heavy duty cleaning begins. Always remember to stay safe around electrical appliances!
Vacuum, Mix and Steam CleanThe first of the bigger tasks you must do to keep your carpet flooring clean is to vacuum it up. Move the vacuum in different directions to make sure that you get every little hidden bit of loose dust and grime. Make sure that you get all of the dust and hair out of the carpet. This is especially important if you have a pet with fur that is shed at home. There is bound to be a whole lot of dog hair on the carpet making it a lot dirtier and more prone to incite allergic reactions.
Mix up the salt, borax and vinegar in equal amounts until you have a nice paste and then apply it to the more stubborn stains on the carpet. Leave it in there for a few hours until dry and then simply vacuum it off the carpet! After this, you need to steam clean the carpet. It is greener than chemical cleaning, and you can easily rent a steamer if you don’t have one yourself.
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