How To Make Little Dolls With Wooden Pegs

Peg doll is one of the popular traditional hand-crafted toys. It is a very small, enchanting doll, and is also easy to make. These are an ideal craft for almost all the kids. These appealing dolls encourage innovative play and support the emotional and inventive development of any young baby. Peg dolls may be manufactured from natural substances to reveal the seasonal cycle, preferred fairytales and celebrations all over the world.

You can think of creating these dolls to offer it to your children. With the help of dolly pegs, you can make bluebirds, butterflies, blossoms, fairytale figures, elves and winter angels and so on. These pegs may be available in any online store.

Wooden pegs are the better option

Though the rustic feature of the wooden structure may seem to be disadvantage, it actually offers a measure of durability and flexibility, which are not common in case of the brittle plastic pegs. Constructed of only one wood piece, the basic dolly pegs remove the need for extra parts, and thus, there is less possibility of failure. In addition to it, the lack of a metallic spring can makes it perfect for use in moist conditions, because it is not prone to rust.

Here are some ways through which you can make dolls with the help of pegs

• Prime- If you wish, you can paint the wooden pegs with primer prior to making the doll. Then, allow it to get dried.

• Sketch- During the period when your prime is taking some time to become dry, you may you sketch out some ideas about the dress of those dolls.For example, you can decide to coat the clothes that may look attractive. You can draw features lightly with your pencil on those pegs.

• Coat the skin- Color the heads and also the necks with any skin colored paint. This can be difficult to blend an excellent skin color. Thus, you have to purchase a bottle of colors that most closely looks like the color of your skin color.

• Paint clothing- You have to coat the bottom half of wooden dolls. The bottom part refers to pants, skirts or any such thing. Allow it to dry and then color the shirts in order to have the look of t-shirt collar.

• Paint eyes- For eyes, you can paint white dots. The use the right eye color to make the irises. If the eyes are fully dry, you can include a white-colored highlight dot near the top part of the irises.

Thus, creating wooden dolls with the pegs is not much difficult to any person. If you are searching for more toys like orchard toys see post for details.