Knowing The Different Types Of Security Cameras

The security concerns have been on the rise recently among the home owners and business owners alike. In the purview of rising number of theft and burglary cases being reported worldwide, people are looking for fool proof ways to secure their home and business premise. Consequently, most people are resorting to install security cameras to identify and easily detect the culprits and retrieve their stolen valuables. If you have been looking to install security camera system in your home, it is important that first know about different types of cameras available and their applications before choosing the right one to suit your needs. The different types of camera and their uses are mentioned below:

Bullet Camera
A bullet camera is essentially a wall mounted CCTV camera unit that is specially designed for indoor uses. It is also suitable for small offices. The bullet camera has a cylindrical shape and it gets name due to its sleek design and appearance. The modern day bullet cameras are advanced features like night vision and water proof. The CCTV system installation companies usually recommend this camera for people who wish to install a security camera in a small room where tilting, panning or zooming is not required. The wall mount keeps a watch on only a particular area where is the camera is pointed at.
Dome Camera
As the name itself suggests this type of security has a dome shaped casing inside which the camera is fitted. This type of security camera is specially designed so that it is clearly visible. The burglars will know that their activities are being watched and it will clearly send a message to the bad guys to stay away from your property. While these cameras provide amazing security, they need to be installed at a strategic position so that they are clearly visible yet cover every nook and corner of the property. Getting help from an experienced cctv system installation company in this regard would help install the camera correctly and strategically.
Infrared Camera
This type of camera is specially used for night vision. It allows you the see the images around even when it is pitch dark. You can install this camera on the exteriors of your home to keep an eye on activities happening on the outside. If any burglar tries to break into your property by jumping over the fence or make their way through the backyard you would immediately be prepared to counter them even before they come close to your property.
HD Cameras
High definition cameras are mainly used in the commercial premises like night clubs and casinos. It allows you to zoom in on certain areas within the premises and keep a close watch on the activities of the people. The high definition camera give you a crystal clear vision the surroundings even when the lightings are not so bright. The bad guys cannot escape being caught from its sharp vision. If you are looking for more services like electrical contractors see post for details.