Symbols Can Tell So Much About A Company

The usage of symbols to communicate is a practice for millions of years. Pre-historic people use them to tell stories of what happened and what they discovered. Now symbols are used to identify what brand or company it is. There are different kinds of logos out there and are tied to different famous companies.
Expert graphic designers can make a good logo design for a company. Logos convey a lot of messages visually. Logos must depict the value of the company, what they believe in and the intended function.
Different types of logos
There are several types of logos. One of which is the simple shaped icon or symbol. The main goal of a designer is for the people to recognize the logo and associate it with the company it represents. The mind can easily remember a simple shaped logo like the one from a phone company or a gas company. Graphic designers can also use words or names for the logos. It can be as simple like the name of an animation company or the name of an electronic company. Some designers use both the symbol and the name of the company. Having combined types can have more impact to the prospect clients or to the public. It can be that the company uses the symbol or the name or can use both depending on where the logo will be placed. When a company has a name that is difficult to pronounce or has a very long name, they tend to use letter marks. Lastly, designers can use emblems. Emblems are logos where the symbol and the name of the company is within the design of the logo. Unlike the combination type, the name and the symbol cannot be separated with the emblem.
Things to remember in making a logo
Logos are the way of the company to represent itself to the public. It is very important that it has an impact and a recall to people. Color psyche is real when it comes to logo designs. For example, if the company is targeting a young audience, the logo must have bright colors. It is suggested that there must only be three colors or less in a logo. Black and white is the most common colors that are used for logos. If one is aiming to have a serene type of logo, they can use greens and blues. If the logo represents a restaurant most logos are in yellow and red. The way people see the logo would determine how they feel about the company.