The Internet Phenomenon

The internet as we know it today is a vital part of who we are as a species and the advancement of technology over the years. It then expanded to documents, games, videos and even music. It exploded in the early 2000’s when companies started realizing that they could use the internet as a marketing and advertising tool for their company. It is a cheap and easy way for companies to communicate with their target market and clients around the world and even makes it easy for their company to expand and grow their client base because of the easy access it grants. From 1994 onwards the digital age exploded when Google formed the ultimate search engine encyclopaedia that had endless amount of information at the finger of their tips. The internet did have its low points though as when the company called Napster launched and allowed its users to illegally download and share music with each other and caused an outrage within the music industry.

As the years went by the internet become even more creative with online shopping being a huge hit, it has basically become mandatory that all companies need to have a website in whatever you business you are in. It had become so advanced that you could actually get an education online with online courses such as marketing courses online, ITIL intermediate courses online and even computer courses online. Online courses don’t really mean much but alteast you are getting some sort of education. The next big thing to hit the internet was the emergence of social networking. Social networks have actually been around for longer than you think but since Mark Zuckerberg and his band of misfits stole the show by what was supposed to be a way for Harvard students to connect with each other, they created Facebook which is now a multibillion dollar company. It has over 700 million people as users and has become a part of everyday life. The days of asking people for their number or email address were now over as people would look up each other on Facebook and send them a message. For more computer courses like COBIT online training, learn more here.
Whether you are doing your Information Technology Infrastructure Library intermediate courses online or looking up that girl you met in the train, you can’t deny the internet is very convenient.
Who knows what the next step in internet technology but what is for certain is that will be a new age once again.