How Your Roof Gets Repainted

If the roof of your property has faded in colour, then you will want to get it repainted to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. Not only does this give your property a better appearance, but it can also increase its value. Hiring a professional service at to take care of the paint is the best option, as they will have the right equipment and materials for the job. It also takes a lot of stress off your shoulders, as you do not have to think about safety issues or buying the right things for the job. Here we can explain how your roof gets repainted so that you understand the full process.

Adding Coatings to the Roof

The first thing you should note is that your painters will use a contractor grade spray machine rather than one which is not as good. This will ensure that the paint is done to the highest possible standard, and that a good coverage is achieved. It is clear that roof painting must be done to a very good standard if you have hired someone for the sole purpose of the job. The coating goes on first as a sealer, with a special professional primer being the best choice.

Two Coats of Colour Paint

Next up will be two Coats of colour paint. One coat will not be enough to do the job, so two coats are absolutely necessary. An acrylic emulsion is used, which has been formulated to last for longer on the roofs in extreme weather conditions. You can have a wide range of colours for your roof cleaning, so you can choose one which suits your building, even changing from the previous colour if you prefer. It should also be a colour which you like – this is your chance to stamp your own personal style on the building.

Sealant to Prevent Damage

The last step is to spray sealant on top of everything. This is normally a clear coat which is designed to protect the paint which has been laid down. It will resist UV light, therefore meaning that your paint does not fade as easily. It should also prevent mould from growing on the roof, as well as fungal growths. This will help your roof to remain healthy for longer. It also means that you will not need to have your roof repainted for a longer period of time. This means that it is better value for money. You should ensure that your painters intend to use a sealant coat before beginning.