Summer Time Backyard Activities

It’s finally that time of the year where the flowers start blooming and the birds start chirping. The sky is finally clear, the clouds have dispersed and the sun is shining bright as ever. Out goes the heavy cold clothing and in comes the comfortable. Every ones back on their feet, streets bustling and those backyards finally put to use. Here are some fabulous ideas to turn your backyard into a play haven. Invite your neighbors, have tons of fun with educational toys for kids and watch your backyard turn into the crowd favorite in no time.

Leave the twister sheet inside

Every ones heard of the infamous game Twister. A game where you bend and stretch your limbs like never before only to sometime or the other give up or fall, collapsing the other players with you. Its an easy an inexpensive way of turning your lawn into a king sized twister board. All you need is some ground marking spray and you are good to go. Draw in as many circles as you want at any size, to accommodate the players and start playing. Some may have cause to worry about damaging their lawns with toxic paints, but worry not, ground marking spray grows out in a few weeks leaving no room for any damage whatsoever.

Fun for kids and adults alike

Bring out all those outdoor play equipment that you’ve stored for long in your store rooms or basement and have been dying to play on. Without installing and setting up the trampoline the usual traditional way, bury it in the ground. It may take a bit of effort to set it up, but the finishing look and feel will be a much higher reward. This type of trampoline may look safer than the usual set up, but remember, looks can be deceiving. It is necessary to be cautious and have a safety net installed around for when there are children using the trampoline.

Wet and wild

An inflatable pool is an extremely common educational toys Australia recommended retail price on our quality products and every household is going to be bringing theirs out. To spice up your backyard, in addition to the inflated pool, get yourself a slide, a sprinkler and a tarp to create your very own backyard slash pad.  To add more wetness, hang up water balloons on the branches of your trees and use them as piñatas for the children to enjoy.

Angry birds: backyard edition

Bring out any unused boxes and stack them up to create towers of different heights. Place in green balloons or any other soft toys to recreate the popular virtual phone game to a real life fun filled one. Use plastic balls as makeshift stones, gather some of your friends and start aiming.

With a bit of time, effort and creativity you could turn these fun summertime backyard ideas into reality and have a ball of a time enjoying with friends and family.